The most popular Christmas trees in online stores

The New Year is approaching and many of our customers are planning to buy a Christmas tree, including online, especially since buying this way has its advantages, including the delivery service.

We decided to present to you the best-selling main New Year's attributes of the Internet space, offered by several authoritative international blogs, and remind you that you can buy Christmas trees on, and with installments.

In addition to well-known foreign stores, a kind of statistics of the best-selling models have already been accumulated on Isurve.ji, so during the year we will offer you relevant posts based on our own experience.

Although choosing a Christmas tree is a matter of taste, and you know about taste, we don't argue, the experience of other users, we think, is still important.

Simply put, it's interesting to know what size Christmas trees others like, what their favorite decoration is, or what New Year's attributes you use, etc.

One of the most popular models on is the 135 cm Christmas tree that comes with its own lights and has an average rating of 4.3 stars (based on 433 reviews).

It should be noted that the price of this Christmas tree is 99 dollars, which is almost equal to 300 GEL, although it is still quite marketable and is considered one of the popular models.

Moving on to the second, very nice 1.8m model, which costs the same price, and in our opinion looks much more attractive than the option presented above.

The most popular Christmas trees in online stores

We should also say that in the photo it is lit by 250 lamps and these attributes can be purchased additionally, they are not included in the set and you will have to pay an additional 20 to 50 dollars for it.

In the third place, last year's New Year's sales leader of our own online store, is a beautiful 240 cm Christmas tree decorated with the effect of snow and berries, along with cones. It is the highest model among the retail options in the entire Georgian market, and the price, despite the increase in the dollar rate, we tried to keep as much as possible, we did not try to exceed 400 GEL, and the customer can buy it for 392 GEL.

Are you wondering why it is better to buy Christmas trees in Georgian online stores?

Obviously, choices are always there, especially when it comes to online shopping. In this case, the main alternative is to subscribe to American online shops, or buy on Isurve.ji. Here are some reasons in our favor :)

When ordering from America, the total cost increases significantly due to weight, customs clearance, etc.;
Unlike a subscription, you can view all sizes of models on on the spot;
Our courier will bring the purchased New Year's happiness to you on the spot for free;
Our prices for Christmas trees are the lowest in Georgia and the best terms apply to installments;

If you don't like the purchase or it is defective (which almost never happens), you can return it, which in other cases is associated with great difficulties.